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*** WORKSHOP FULL *** Quillwork on Birch Bark Workshop with Dana Trickey (2 Days Saturday & Sunday)

Saturday, January 27, 2024
11:00 am4:00 pm
720 1st Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102

Class Dates & Times: January 27th & 28th , 2024; 11am-4pm each day
Class Description: Quillwork on Birchbark: Students will learn the basics of the Woodlands style of
Quillwork on Birchbark, and create one art piece, a hair barrette or medallion, over the course of the two-
day class. Students will learn the basics of working with Porcupine Quills, birchbark, and other materials.
This course is best suited for students who have no, and/or a basic understanding of the art of Quillwork.
Students will need to attend both full days to complete their art piece.
Outcomes: Upon Completing this course, student will have finished one quill-on-birchbark art piece.
Students will have learned the basics of how to lay quills on birchbark to create their design. Student will
have learned the basics of sewing on birchbark, and a bit about how birchbark can be used in art and
functionality. Students will have learned the basics about how to work with porcupine quills and finishing
materials to their art piece. Students will have learned, through doing, one of Anishinaabeg oldest forms
of artwork, and the cultural significance & teachings of this art form. We hope students will have fun with
all of this learning, and that each student is able to take away something positive about themselves and
their abilities, as quillwork is a wonderful teacher of life.

Instructor Bio – Mushkiki Mikinakquay, Ms.
Dana Trickey, Eagle Clan, is a Birchbark Basket
Maker, an Artist of Porcupine Quillwork, and a
Wild foodie. Ms. Trickey has Anishinaabeg
ancestry through her father; although not
enrolled in any federally recognized tribe, she has
lived on and near the White Earth Nation for
most of her life, recognizing it as home. Having
learned Birchbark Basket Making and Porcupine
Quillwork from her WaAa & Culturally Adoptive
Father, Earl Hoagland, a White Earth Nation Elder;
Ms. Trickey has practiced and continued to teach
these art forms since 2001. As a Quillwork Artist
and Birch Bark Basket Maker, Ms. Trickey
practices several styles of Quillwork, primarily
Quillwork on Birchbark, and knows many styles of
Birch Bark Baskets. Ms. Trickey is often asked to
teach courses and demonstrate her skills in these
art forms, for a variety of organizations, schools and communities.

Additionally, Ms. Trickey is asked to do artist in residencies for Museum(s),
create specialty art pieces for institutions, and create course curriculum for the teaching of
these arts. Ms. Trickey is also a ‘Wild Foodie’, having learned her skills in wild food harvesting &
processes, from many Elders (Including her WaAa), Wild foodie friends & experts, and self-
teaching through research. Ms. Trickey annually harvests and produces small-batch Maple
Syrup, Maple Sugar, Maple Vinegar, Wild Rice, Wild Mushrooms, and many other wild foods;
and she is often asked to teach courses in these harvesting processes. Dana Trickey lives on 39
wooded acres, within the boundaries of the White Earth Nation, rural Waubun, MN with her
two sons, two dogs, and a small flock of Icelandic Chickens.

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