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Youth Programs

Current Youth Programs

There are many events and activities at the Indigenous Association throughout the month, and many of them are youth and family friendly. Check out our Calendar and Facebook Page to learn what is happening next!

We will be starting our new youth program in January 2023. We will focus on Indigenous culture, art, ecology, leadership development, and more. This program will be for Indigenous youth in middle school and high school. Please email if you are interested in receiving updates or if you would like to sign a youth up. There will be opportunities for youth that sign up early to help shape the program!

Past Youth Programs and Workshops

N8V Youth Circle

The Indigenous Association partnered with Youthworks from 2020 to 2022 for the N8V Youth Circle program. This monthly group provided youth with the opportunity to learn about traditional and contemporary arts and crafts; traditional cultural knowledge; positive potential future pathways; and more. This was done in an environment of caring Indigenous Youthworks and Indigenous Association staff that provided support and a place to grow and learn. Indigenous community members lead a portion of the group each month, and they passed on the knowledge they learned from their elders and other knowledge bearers to the youth. The food for this monthly group was always delicious and was provided by Tee's Tacos.

This program is still available at Youthworks, in a slightly different format, for youth participating in Youthworks programs in Fargo. Please call (701)232-8558 if you have a youth in any of the Fargo Youthworks programs and would like them to be involved. Or you can ask the Youthworks staff you are working with about the N8V Youth Circle

2022 Summer Native Youth Series - Traditional Ecological Knowledge Arts

Indigenous Association received a grant from First Nations Development Institute to provide a series of workshops focused on teaching art from a traditional ecological perspective. We held four workshops in the summer of 2022. These workshops consisted of traditional quillwork, floral pigmentation with native plant species, photography of local plants, and creating a gather bag using applique techniques. The youth that participated said that they learned a lot in these workshops and really enjoyed them. A description of each class is below along with some photos of the classes and a link to a full gallery.


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